Articles by Adam Watts

Articles by Adam Watts

What foods help with bowel incontinence?
20 November 2023

What foods help with bowel incontinence?

If you've ever found yourself looking for ways to solve the delicate matter of bowel incontinence, you'll know that the role of diet can be a game-changer.
Best incontinence pads for swimming
13 November 2023

Best incontinence pads for swimming

When it comes to finding the best incontinence pads for swimming, there are a few things to consider.
woman holding stomach
2 November 2023

Beware of These Common IBS Trigger Foods

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and find it difficult to manage your symptoms, one possible solution could be to identify and avoid certain trigger foods that worsen the condition.
Woman holding her bladder
30 October 2023

How To Get Rid of Bladder Infection Fast

Dealing with a bladder infection can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. Whether you're looking to prevent one from happening or seeking relief, we've got you covered.
Woman holding bladder
23 October 2023

Bladder stone-related incontinence

Bladder stones, a painful and often overlooked condition, can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as incontinence.
How to change your lifestyle to manage obesity incontinence
16 October 2023

How to change your lifestyle to manage obesity incontinence

Incontinence affects millions of people worldwide, but for those living with obesity as well, it can be particularly tough, presenting unique challenges. 
How an enlarged prostate can cause incontinence
9 October 2023

How an enlarged prostate can cause incontinence

Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) is a unique condition that brings similarly unique challenges to those living with it. Fear not, though, in this Incontinence Shop guide, we’ll have a look closer at BPH, how it leads to incontinence, and how it can be managed. 
Man holding bladder area
2 October 2023

How to deal with incontinence when your prostate becomes inflamed

Prostatitis incontinence is a challenging condition that affects many men. In this guide, we will explore the various aspects of living with prostatitis-related incontinence

couple exercising
11 September 2023

Should I exercise with urinary incontinence?

For many going through the challenges of urinary incontinence, simple daily activities and exercises can become a formidable challenge. However, the secret doesn't lie in surrendering to these challenges, rather embracing and adapting to them to ensure that we continue to stay active.

bladder spasms
4 September 2023

What are bladder spasms, and how can I treat them?

Bladder spasms can bring about unexpected hurdles in our daily lives, and are much more than mere inconveniences. They can greatly impact our quality of life, dictate our schedules, activities, and even our social interactions.