Shop By Level of Incontinence

We offer a wide selection of incontinence products which have been designed to suit a broad range of conditions. We have split our incontinence products into four levels of incontinence to make it easier for you to search by condition. Please click on the relevant level below to see our full range:

  • Light Incontinence - small losses of urine or dribbling when sneezing, coughing, bending, etc.
  • Moderate Incontinence - larger urine losses that can happen when not reaching the toilet in time, or losing a small amount but not a bladder full. Includes men when not quite finished or urine loss after a visit to the toilet.
  • Heavy Incontinence - Bladder empties without warning. Being unable to stop once flow has started. Urine loss during sleep causing bet wetting.

Each manufacturer allocates an incontinence level (i.e. light, moderate, heavy or severe) to a product. However be aware that these levels vary between brands. Therefore an absorbency value measured in millimetres (ml) is another good way to compare product.

Don't forget about our range of washable incontinence pants, bed & chair products as well as our incontinence accessories!