Product Finder/Comparison

This product finder/comparison section is here to help you find the right incontinence product for you depending on your level of bladder weakness/incontinence.

Most people manage their symptoms with purpose-made protective pads or underwear specifically designed for bladder weakness. Urine is thin, fast flowing and has an odour. Well-designed products offer security, confidence and dramatically improve your quality of life.

Things to take into consideration when choosing incontinence products:

1) Establish the level of protection you need

To help you find the best product for your needs we have four basic levels of incontinence that will describe your condition. All our incontinence products, pants and pads are associated with at least one of these levels.

  • Light: small losses of urine or dribbling when sneezing, coughing, bending, etc.
  • Moderate: larger urine losses that can happen when not reaching the toilet in time, losing a small amount but not a bladder full. Includes men when not quite finished or urine loss after a visit to the toilet.
  • Heavy: bladder empties without warning. Being unable to stop once flow has started. Urine loss during sleep causing bed wetting.

2) Absorbency Levels

Bladder weakness products are designed for the purpose so are up to 8 times more absorbent than sanitary towels. To avoid the risk of leakage onto underwear or clothing, look for products engineered with high speed surface inlets for rapid absorption, comfort and reduced irritation.

Note an incontinence product is designed to be worn for around 3 - 4 hours. At night we recommend a higher absorbency product to ensure a good night's sleep.

For each absorbent product you will find an absorbency value in millilitres (ml). This should be used as a guide to the product you choose. For example, when trying an incontinence pad for the first time you may find that it was not quite absorbent enough. In this case you will simply choose a higher absorbency for your next order.

3) Which type of product should you choose

Washable or Disposable?

As a general rule your primary concerns when buying incontinence products, should be health, hygiene and comfort and for this reason, we recommend disposable products as the best solution for most conditions. Whilst washable products may offer some savings over time they are often not the most suitable or practical option for the user. Disposables are available for all levels of incontinence and are the easiest to live with on a day to day basis.

Product Types

  • Incontinence Disposable All In One Briefs: designed for moderate to heavier incontinence conditions and/or users with lower levels of mobility or those who are bed based. The briefs are designed to fit completely around the body before being fastened securely with tapes.
  • Incontinence Pull Up Pants: for active people with moderate to heavy incontinence, who are looking for more convenient and disposable products. The Pull Ups Pants provide higher security levels, include incontinence odour protection and can be torn at the side for convenient and discreet removal. They that can be worn just like normal underwear.
  • Disposable Incontinence Pads: a hygienic and convenient way to control incontinence. We supply three core ranges of incontinence pads a) Discreet/Mini incontinence insert pads if you have light incontinence b) Small shaped incontinence pads which are ergonomically designed for greater protection and c) Large Shaped incontinence pads for even greater protection. Mini and small shaped insert pads fit perfectly in to your own underwear, as they have sticky strips to hold them in place. For the large shaped incontinence pads, we would recommend Stretch Pants for additional comfort and reassurance.
  • Stretch/Fix Pants: specifically designed, figure hugging pants to hold shaped incontinence pads securely in place, reducing risk of leakage and maximising comfort and security. They are designed to be used with Large Shaped Incontinence Insert Pads.
  • Washable Incontinence Pants: look and feel just like normal underwear and provides the additional security of an extra absorbent built-in pad to give comfort, style, discretion and added confidence.
  • Incontinence Swimming Undergarment Brief: new unisex reusable swimwear brief designed for adults and teens dealing with incontinence. This adjustable brief is designed to be worn next to the skin under a swimming suit. Intended for bowel containment; however will also protect a certain amount of urinary leakage.
  • Bed and Chair Incontinence Products: designed to protect bedding, mattresses and chairs.
  • Incontinence Accessories: offering a wide variety of value and choice including: Commodes, Toilet Frames, Urinals/Bed Pans, Wipes and Skincare products.

Sex Type

Most of our incontinence products are unisex but we do have some specific products for Women and Men. On all incontinence pads and pants product pages we highlight if it is suitable for Unisex, Male or Female.

4) The right size incontinence pants and pads

To get the best from all absorbent pads it is important that they are worn close to the body and held firmly in place. This will prevent circulation of air and reduces the chances of sore skin, odours or leakage.

How to measure yourself

This is important and is easy for men and women and will ensure you order the right size. Remember to allow for the pads to be held firmly and close to the skin, so you don't make your size too big.

  • Women - please measure at the widest point of the hips
  • Men - please measure at the narrowest point of the waist

Remember what suits you depends not just on your condition but also to some extend on your lifestyle i.e. whether you play sport, travel a lot, bed ridden, etc. If you needs vary, mix and match products to suit your activities and the amount of leakage both night and day. Please note all our incontinence products are designed for adults.

We also stock a range of bariatric incontinence products especially designed for the larger wearer in sizes XXL and above. These incontinence products are suitable for bariatric patients with larger waist and hip sizes and offer maximum comfort and fit to prevent leakages.

If you are unsure which incontinence products to choose; we recommend you use our Shop by Level of Incontinence area.

Alternatively if you still have any questions please feel free to call our Discreet Advice Helpline on FREEPHONE 0800 068 3625 and we’ll be happy to help. Please note we fully understand the sensitive nature of any condition associated with bladder weakness or incontinence and would like to assure you of our careful attention to ensure your enquiries are dealt with in a discreet and confidential manner.