Brand Fact Sheet

There are millions of people who experience bladder or bowel weakness or are caring for somebody who experiences bladder or bowel weakness. Whatever your situation or experience, Incontinence UK has produced this factsheet for facts on the latest incontinence brands that we stock.


Market incontinence leader TENA have spoken to many women and men to gather together all the best information, advice and real life stories they can find, to give you the practical and emotional support to match your individual needs.

Insert Liners – TENA Men and TENA Lady

  • Purposely designed for little leaks, providing faster absorption than regular liners which leaves you fresh and dry
  • Available in a range of sizes and absorbencies to suit your personal style and needs
  • Gives you extra confidence – still as small as a panty liner

Insert Pads and All-In-One Pads

  • Drier, safer and more comfortable than traditional sanitary protection
  • Fresh Odour Control, Dry Fast Core and breathability – for freshness
  • Body shaped for comfort, protection and discretion

Protective Underwear

  • A discreet protective pant that looks and feels like everyday underwear
  • Security, comfort and discretion with Fresh Odour Control
  • A highly absorbent soft textile-like pant

Pull Up Pants

  • Close body fit for security and confidence, whatever your lifestyle
  • These high-performance products are as easy to put on as underwear
  • TENA Pants are available in a range of absorbency levels


Established in 1987, Drylife has been working towards creating a range of high quality incontinence products at an affordable price. With decades of experience we focus on creating innovative, high quality products for men, women and children. We aim to make a positive impact to anyone who struggles with incontinence or is involved in contincence care. The range of products is always expanding and their team of experts are always looking at new ways to improve products and the lives of customers.

Drylife offers an assortment of disposable and washable products suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. With a large range of absorbencies and sizes available, the products offer both comfort and discretion. Drylife products are latex-free and dermatologically tested, minimizing skin irritations and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

Lille Healthcare

Lille Healthcare recognizes that when selecting incontinence aids, the user must be assured both physically and psychologically that they have chosen the correct solution that best fits their lifestyle. Lille Healthcare has established and advanced manufacturing technologies, complemented by vigorous testing processes, to ensure our products are made to the highest standards.

The SUPREME range offers technologically advanced products to ensure a high level of performance. The CLASSIC range provides a comprehensive range of products with an optimal performance.

Lille Healthcare (formerly the incontinence division of Covidien) is an independent healthcare company based in Wasquehal, near Lille (France) which entirely dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of incontinence products that has the ambition of becoming a major player in the market.

Their fundamental values are: exceed customer requirements, maintain a high level of product innovation, guarantee a constant quality of product and respect of the environment.

The company has over 45 years of industrial and commercial experience to fully satisfy your clinical and product expectations.

Age UK

Age UK’s affordable range of incontinence products, provides a comfortable and discreet solution to sufferers of incontinence. The range consists of five separate designs: All in Ones, Pull Ups, Large Shaped Pads, Discreet Shaped Pads, and Bed Pads.

All Age UK incontinence products are breathable, with a waterproof back sheet that encourages the flow of air, maximising skin integrity. They also all feature a super absorbent polymer, which maximises the absorbency level and neutralises odours.

Washable Incontinence Products

Their washable incontinence pants are comfortable and discreet resembling normal underwear yet they provide the security of extra absorbent built-in pads. Washable incontinence pants provide high levels of absorbency and can be a great alternative to disposable incontinence products.

Disposable Incontinence Products

They offer a huge selection of disposable incontinence products including discreet shaped pads, large shaped pads, adult nappies and pull up pants. The disposable pads offer protection for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

Bed and Chair Protection

They also offer a wide range of bed and chair pads to suit all levels of incontinence. The range is varied to ensure we offer value for money and effective protection against accidents.


Depend assists people with incontinence live life confidently by offering discreet and reliable protective products for both men and women. Their range of incontinence products for him and her can help to ease the stresses of being incontinent by increasing mobility and independence.

The Depend Active Fit For Women and Real Fit For Men pantsare soft cotton-like fabric pants designed to look and feel just like your normal underwear. While their Women Lycra Pants and Men's Lycra Pants are smooth lycra pull up incontinence pants designed for active lives.

Hartmann MoliCare

This is the leading brand in Germany, and is found all over the world, Hartmann Moli range of incontinence products are from a Paul Hartmann Ltd, a company that has decades of experience with patient care products. Almost all of the products in the Moli range feature a soft, crinkle free, textile-like backsheet and advanced leakage protection features such as high hydrophobic leg cuffs. Their popularity stems from the good value, excellent performance and comfort of their products.

The key products in the Moli range are the MoliCare Soft-all-in-one Pads which have breathable side panels, the MoliCare Super Plus which is regarded as the most absorbent all-in-one pad (plastic backed) and the MoliCare Mobile range of disposable pull-up pants.

Kylie Kanga

Kylie is the UK's leading washable continence care brand and is manufactured in the UK by Capatex Ltd. The key products are the Kylie Bed Pads, and Kylie Washable Absorbent Underwear.

These are the premium quality washable products available, offering excellent security and quality. These products have been developed through years of research to offer you the best fit, comfort and peace of mind.

Kanga products are also made by Capatex Ltd in the UK. They compliment the Kylie range by offering the same great build quality and convenience of washable incontinence products, but the range also includes other products such as plastic pants.

The key Kanga product is the Pouch and Pad system pants, which offer greater capacity than Kylie absorbent pants. They feature a waterproof, external marsupial pouch into which pads can be inserted. This is where the brand gets its name.

Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets has evolved from just one product that helped out at 2am when a quick bed change was needed to now providing attractive, innovative, waterproof solutions that allows all sorts of people to keep a little more dignity in their lives. From adult incontinence, managing food and drink spillage for people with special needs, and even post-surgical care.

The Brolly Sheet bed pads are topped with 100% cotton - delivering a comfortable night’s sleep. They are both waterproof and ultra-absorbent, holding up to 4 pints. Choose either with or without tuck in wings. Their protectors are breathable, soft, comfortable and quiet to sleep on. For ease of use Brolly Sheets mattress protectors are fully fitted and our pillow protectors have a handy zip closure. The waterproof and absorbent chair protectors are perfect for those suffering from incontinence or in the toilet training phase.


The DRYtex brand is a product of Capatex Ltd. DRYtex washable incontinence products are for those looking for a good value alternative to costly disposable incontinence products. Their range of products has something for almost every level of need, for men and women. There is also a great value washable bed pad available in 4 sizes, with or without mattress tucks.

DRYtex products are great value, and benefit from all of the knowledge that Capatex Ltd has built in manufacturing the market leading Kylie and Kanga washable range of products. DRYtex Female Absorbent Incontinence Pants are a lower cost solution to the Kylie range, still with fantastic absorbency and maximum discretion.

DRYtex and Kylie, both offer a choice of size, absorbency and price. All of our washable bed pads can be washed at 90 degrees so they are clean, hygienic and fresh with every use.

Other Brands

  • Senset - range of washable incontinence products including washable bedsheets and washable ladies and men's briefs.
  • Sonoma - range of washable bed and chair incontinence products.
  • Soffis - range of disposable all in one pads and insert pads. Suitable for both day and nightime use.
  • Eva-Dry- range of waterproof bed protection products including mattress protectors, duvet covers and bedsheets.
  • Confitex - range of washable incontinence pants that look like real, fashionable underwear but have a discreet built in incontinence pad suitable to help with urinary incontinence.
  • Kes Vir - Range of washable incontinence swimwear.