Why men’s public bathrooms need sanitary bins

Why men’s public bathrooms need sanitary bins
18 January 2024

Why men’s public bathrooms need sanitary bins

When you walk into a public restroom, you'll notice that each women's cubicle has a sanitary bin. But what about the men's side? Not so much. Even though there are bins for female hygiene products, many men also need a discreet way to dispose of items.

That's where the UK's 'Boys Need Bins' campaign comes in. It aims to highlight why having sanitary bins in men's bathrooms is important, what issues the campaign addresses, and how they hope to make a difference. Let's dive into why these bins matter and what the campaign is all about.

Sanitary bins for incontinence discretion

Having sanitary bins in bathrooms is super important for addressing different medical needs, like stomas and incontinence.

Stomas are openings created by surgery to help eliminate waste when the body can't do it naturally. And incontinence, which affects people of all genders, often requires products like incontinence pads and pull-up pants.

For guys, not having sanitary bins in bathrooms can make things awkward and uncomfortable if they have these conditions. So, having sanitary bins helps make sure everyone can get what they need without feeling embarrassed or left out.

Accommodating every gender

Let's talk about something super important: menstrual hygiene.

Traditionally, we've only talked about this in the context of women's bathrooms. But guess what? Not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman, and not all women menstruate.

So, it's important to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported. That's why having sanitary bins in all public bathrooms is a big deal. It means anyone who menstruates, no matter their gender identity, can feel taken care of and respected.

By making our menstrual hygiene systems more inclusive, we're not just helping transgender and non-binary folks feel good. We're also breaking down barriers and making bathrooms more welcoming for everyone.

Public health and environmental impact

Keeping public bathrooms clean and tidy is also incredibly important. When people don't have the right way to throw away menstrual and disposable incontinence pads, they often end up flushing them down the toilet or leaving them in bins that aren't meant for sanitary waste. This can make bathrooms smelly and full of bacteria, which isn't good for anyone who uses them and can lead to poor health.

The ‘Boys Need Bins’ charity campaign

Ever heard of the "Boys Need Bins" campaign? It's sparking some important conversations about male sanitary bins. They're saying that guys need access to these bins, too, especially considering that around 6 million people in the UK deal with urinary incontinence.

The campaign, with backing from big names like Prostate Cancer UK, is calling for a simple update to the law to make sure men's bathrooms have these bins. They did some thorough research, surveying men dealing with incontinence, and put together a report called "Lifting the Lid on Male Incontinence". They even presented it to MPs!

Here's what the report found:

Almost everyone surveyed, 98% to be exact, agreed that laws should require at least one sanitary bin in men's public bathrooms.

But it's not just about bins. The report also highlights the need for a bigger conversation about male incontinence. Things like raising awareness about the different tools and aids men use every day to manage it, like incontinence pads, catheters, and more.

And let's not forget about support. The report says we need to do better at helping men with incontinence, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

So, what's next? Well, making this small change in bathroom laws isn't just about bins. It's about making sure everyone feels included and respected, no matter their gender or what challenges they might be facing.

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