MoliCare Premium Mobile 5

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Size Waist Pack Size Case Size
S - Small 60-90cm, 24-35-inch Pack of 14 4 Packs of 14
M - Medium 80-120cm, 31-47-inch Pack of 14 3 Packs of 14
L - Large 100-150cm, 39-59-inch Pack of 14 4 Packs of 14
XL - Extra Large 130-170cm, 51-67-inch Pack of 14 4 Packs of 14


Easy Protection for Moderate Incontinence

Combining an easy fit, exceptional protection and unbeatable comfort, the MoliCare® Premium Mobile – 5 Drops unisex pull up pants are the everyday solution for moderate levels of bladder weakness. Shaped to fit just like underwear and made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that sits discreetly under your clothes, you can be rest assured of maximum leakage protection as you go about your day.

With a choice of sizes for a comfortable fit, the skin-friendly MoliCare® Premium Mobile with its 5-drop level of absorbency will keep you feeling confidently fresh and dry. The pull-up pant design offers full front and back coverage that fits securely without any unnecessary bulk and the tear-open sides make them quick and easy to remove.

The pH buffering effects helps to maintain a skin neutral pH value of 5.5 with a three-layer absorbent core to draw away moisture. The 5-Drop pull-up pant also ensures your skin stays soothed and protected, with neutralisers to eliminate odours, keeping you feeling clean and fresh. Added Lycra to the design gives extra flexibility and comfort, making the MoliCare® Premium Mobile perfect for the active wearer on the move.

Features and Benefits

  • MoliCare® Premium Mobile 5 drop pull-up pants look and feel like regular underwear through anatomical shape, soft material and elastics for a comfortable fit and discreetness.
  • The absorbent core neutralises odour and holds liquids quickly for a dry feeling.
  • Maximum leakage protection is assured based on high-quality materials and the cuff system.
  • Tear-open side seams for easy and convenient removal.

Additional Info

More Information
UPCDoes Not Apply
VAT ExemptYes
Item TypeDisposable
Absorption Drops5 Drops
Absorption LevelLevel 5
GenderMale, Female
Custom MadeNo