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TENA Incontinence Disposable Pull Up Pants Maxi

30% More Absorbent! TENA Pants Maxi are pull up pants with a built in incontinence pad which can be worn like normal underwear. Heavy to severe incontinence.
TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi
  • TENA Incontinence Disposable Pull Up Pants Maxi
  • TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi
Price: £15.99

  • NEW more absorbent pull up pants
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Heavy to severe incontinence

  • Unisex


TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi - Pull Up Incontinence Pants (Unisex):  The Modern solution that's just like underwear!

NEW Product - the most absorbent TENA Pants ever - 30% more absorbent than TENA Pants Super Medium.

TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi are pull up disposable incontinence pants with a built in incontinence pad which can be worn like normal underwear.     For heavy to severe incontinence.

TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi are specially designed and ultra absorbent they can be pulled up and down easily when required but have additional protection of built in incontinence pad maximising dignity and minimising hassle. When necessary they can be easily removed and should be hygienically disposed of.

Total Absorbency Range:  2900mls

TENA Incontinence Pants Maxi Features and Benefits

  • Pad and pant in one for those who prefer added security
  • Stay securely and discreetly in place
  • Body-Close-Fit™ for improved comfort and discretion
  • Unique FeelDry™ technology rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine and locks away liquid from the skin
  • Unique Odour Control reduces the risk of odour for freshness and discretion
  • NEW subtle wetness indicator
  • Medium and Large sizes now include new innovative ConfioFit designs resulting in 30% thinner protection, with increased discretion and dignity, providing the same high security and more comfort for users than ever before.
  • Adhesive Side-tears for easy removal
  • Double Cuff Legs
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Anti Leakage Barrier™ for a comfortable fit and superior absorption for maximum leakage security
  • Latex-free
  • 100% Breathable backsheet™ gives extra comfort and helps skin stay healthy.   The soft, cloth-like material makes TENA Pants not only comfortable to wear but also very discreet - no plastic rustle.

TENA Pants Maxi comes in Medium and Large and come in packs of 10. 

Code Size Hip Size Total Absorbency* Packaging Price
794560 Medium 80 - 110cm 2900mls Pack of 10 £15.99
794660 Large 100 - 135cm 2900mls Pack of 10 £16.99

CASE SAVER OPTION:   Buy 1 Case (4 packs x 10 pull up pants) and SAVE £2 = £0.50 per pack.     

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For more information on TENA Pants including a fitting guide please click here.

* Level of Incontinence is measured in millilitres to ISO11948-1 standard test methodology

With over 40 years experience, TENA is the worldwide leader in the management of incontinence, providing products and services for individuals and healthcare services throughout 90 countries.