Incontinence Pads - MoliForm Soft Incontinence Insert Pads

MoliForm Premium Soft Incontinence Insert Pads

Unisex large shaped incontinence insert pads for slight/moderate to severe incontinence. Available in 6 absorption levels. Wear with fixation or stretch pants.
Price: £12.99

  • Large shaped incontinence pads
  • Advanced Skin Protection
  • Advanced Dry Technology
  • Available in six absorption levels

  • Unisex


MoliForm Premium Soft Incontinence Insert Pad (new name MoliCare Premium Form Insert Pads)

MoliForm Premium Soft anatomically large shaped incontinence insert pads provide a reliable solution for slight to very severe bladder and bowel leakage, making them ideal for all degrees of incontinence. Active Skin Protection features help to maintain the user's skin condition healthy. MoliForm Soft shaped incontinence pads are unisex and for best performance should be worn with fixation or stretch pants.

MoliForm Premium Soft Incontinence Pads Features

  • Unisex large shaped incontinence pads
  • Active Skin Protection:  the top layer of the absorbent core provides a strong pH-buffering and anti bacterial effect to keep the skin balanced and healthy.
  • NEW Advanced Dry Technology guarantees 30% more dryness providing extra protection for patient's skin avoiding swelling and irritation.
  • Three part absorbent core ensures extra strong leakage protection, fluid is guided quickly into the centre and locked away safely for a dry and comfortable feeling
  • With its textile-like feel and white apperance, the soft backsheet provides a comfortable feeling and reduces rustling
  • White backsheet of the pad helps to maintain users' dignity and discretion.  
  • Colour coding system for easy identification of absorption capacity
  • Improved soft, water-repellent inner cuffs ensures leakage protection at the sides
  • Special super-absorbent polymers (SAP) reduces the production of ammonia and thereby neutralise any unpleasant odours.  
  • Latex-free "leg gathers" provide an excellent fit
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Wetness indicator on the textile backsheet helps to identy when the product needs changing

MoliCare Premium Form Insert Pads comes in six absorbencies levels in packs of 28 pads:

Code Name


Working Level

Absorbency Price
168 118 MoliForm Soft Light (now called Normal)
470 ml Slight
168 018 MoliForm Soft Normal (now called Normal Plus)
550 ml Slight/Moderate
168 218 MoliForm Soft Plus (now called Extra)
720 ml Moderate
168 318 MoliForm Soft Extra (now called Extra Plus)
960 ml Severe 
168 718 MoliForm Soft Maxi (now called Super)
1110 ml Severe/very severe 
168 918 MoliForm Soft Super (now called Super Plus)
1360 ml Very severe

Please note that MoliForm Premium Soft are in the process of being re-named to MoliCare Premium Form - it is the same product (just refreshed packaging) but just need a new name.    New stock will carry the new name going forward.

For large shaped incontinence pads we recommend wearing them with Stretch Pants for additional comfort and reassurance.   Stretch Pants are specifically designed, figure hugging pants to hold large shaped incontinence pads securely in place, reducing leakage while maximising comfort and security.   For more information or to buy some Stretch Pants please click this link