It can be extremely nerve-wracking to tell your family and friends that you are experiencing some kind of incontinenceas it can feel embarrassing and very personal. But talking with your loved ones can help to regain your confidence and take back control of your life! Below are some top tips to help you to find the confidence to tell your loved ones what you are experiencing:

  1. Get informed on incontinenceunderstanding incontinence and how it can affect so many different people is really important – this will help you to feel secure in your knowledge when explaining what you are experiencing.   Remember you are not alone as up to six millions people in the UK suffer from some kind of incontinence in their lives.  A good place to start is our help and FAQs section on our Incontinence UK website.
  2. Find the right product to give you the confidence you need – there are many different types of incontinence products on the market to help you manage your incontinence.   What’s right for one person might not be right for another.  Here at Incontinence UK we stock a comprehensive range of adult male and female products – from disposable small insert pads to larger adult nappies to washable incontinence underwear to bed and chair incontinence products.  If you need any help our friendly and discreet staff will be pleased to help you with advice or assistance.
  3. Muster the courage to have the conversation – it’s always a good thing to share the issues and problems affecting us with loved ones. Loved ones can understanding and supportive. Which will provide relief as you are not keeping it a secret anymore.
  4. Don’t Put Off the Talk – If you know leaks are interfering in your loved one’s life, don’t wait to have the conversation. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away and can actually make the initial discussion that much harder, as anticipation grows. And remember, the sooner you say something, the sooner your loved one will be feeling free again.
  5.  Matter of fact – To the point, but without making it a big deal. Weave it into a conversation you’re already having so there’s no hyping up of the issue. Addressing it as just another, non-taboo topic can be incredibly confidence building.
  6. Humorous – making light of the facts of life. While humour certainly isn’t for everyone, for some it’s an easier way into an earnest conversation. Sometimes a little laughter can help and break the ice.

Good luck and it won’t be as bad as you anticipate! Best Wishes Incontinence UK Team  

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At Incontinence UK we offer a wide range of incontinence products speciallyWaterproof bed products designed to protect bedding, mattresses and chairs.  Avoid damage to expensive bedding and furnishing by using incontinence products designed for all bed and chair sizes. Choose from disposable or washable bed products including waterproof duvet covers, waterproof bed sheets, waterproof bed pads and mattress protectors.

Some of our best-selling bed & chair incontinence products include:

PVC Waterproof Bedding and Mattress Protectionwaterproof bedding

This range of PVC waterproof bedding protection (mattress, duvet and pillow protectors) is excellent value and offers durable waterproof bedding protection. Easy to care for, simply wash or wipe down with disinfectant solution. Flame retardant for added safety.   Price from £4.99!

Kylie Incontinence Washable Chair Pads

Washable incontinence chair pads. Soft quilted stay-dry layer with absorbent core with waterproof non-slip backing. 1 litre absorbency. Available in pink or blue.



Eva-Dry Waterproof Duvet Cover

The Eva-Dry Waterproof Duvet Cover is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. It is easily wiped cleaned in situ and keeps your duvet free from odour and moisture. Available in single, double or king size.

Premium Protect A Bed Waterproof Pillow Protectorpillow protector

Every pillow needs protection from allergens, dust mites, liquids and stains that can be detrimental to both your health and the life of your pillow.

Visit our incontinence website for our other great bed and chair incontinence products.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

P.S.  Also don’t forget that if you spend over £75 on incontinence products this month you can get a £5 saving.  To claim your £5 discount please quote OCT5 when ordering online or by telephone.

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For many with mobility issues, it can be difficult to have a bath or shower efficiently. A lot of people find it awkward getting in and out of their bath or shower safely, particularly when they have no one around to help them.

We have put together this guide to provide information on bath aids for the elderly and disability bathing aids that will help you enjoy bathing independently again, with both comfort and ease.

Bath seats and boards: when it starts becoming difficult to get in and out of the bath, it is time to look at the bath boards, benches, seats and steps that are available to make life easier.

Bath lifts and hoists: it might be the case that your relative’s strength and mobility have declined so much that they need extra support for washing in the bath. There are various types of bath lifts and hoists suitable for different needs.

Bathroom adaptations: if a conventional bath or shower are no longer suitable, there are several types of baths and walk-in showers to choose from when adapting a bathroom to suit an older person’s needs. Discover your options and other ways to adapt a bathroom, including adapting the toilet.

There are small walk in baths and showers for areas that are not large enough for full size baths, such as a cloakroom, or even the corner of a bedroom as well as full length walk in baths which can replace your existing bath.

In addition there are also grab rails and non-slip bath mats bath aids includes bath boards, bath seats, bath steps, bath rails, shower seats and stools, perching stools and suction grab bars, to name just a few.

If you or someone you know needs to upgrade their bathroom please visit our sister website More Than Mobility who stocks a range of products for the bathroom.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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This month you can save money when buying in bulk incontinence products at Incontinence UK with the below offer!  We stock a wide range of disposable and washable incontinence pads and pants as well as incontinence swimwear, incontinence bed & chair products as well as a range of incontinence accessories.


To claim your £5 discount please quote OCT5 when ordering online or by telephone.

Case Saver Offer:  You can also save when buying in bulk – SAVE UP to £4 per case on our incontinence pull up pants and insert pad case saver offers!

Please see our website for our full range of incontinence products that we have to offer.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

P.S.  Also order over £100 also qualify for FREE postage and packaging (a further saving of £5.95).

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Urinary incontinence (UI) can have a huge effect on all aspects of your life – on your social life, your working life, your sex life and your mental wellbeing but as with most things which affect your confidence – some simple lifestyle changes can play a big part in helping you deal with the condition.

Here are five useful tips to help put you on the right track to living comfortably and confidently:

  1. Speak with a doctor to see what your options are. Based on the cause of your symptoms, there may be restorative therapy that can help strengthen the muscles that control your bladder.
  2. Talk to your friends and family. Sharing the experience with those you trust may alleviate some of the tension around dealing with it on your own. You may be surprised at how supportive a community can be.
  3. Get to know those in your community who experience similar symptoms. Knowing you aren’t alone in your experience can be comforting. You can often learn a lot from other people’s experiences and perhaps provide insights of your own.
  4. Find a quality incontinence product to give you support and confidence. Leading brand Depend, for example, offers a range of discreet products for both men and women that fit different needs.
  5. Take a look at your whole body health. Restarting healthy habits, such as exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight, can help manage the symptoms.

As well as your GP, you can phone the Bladder and Bowel Community/Foundation nurse helpline on 0845 345 0615 for details of your local NHS continence clinics. You could also talk to your pharmacist.

Fight depression with talking therapy

The negative effect on your self-esteem, dignity and independence can lead to isolation, distress and depression. According to continence nurses, up to 70% of people with incontinence are affected by depressive illnesses.

It helps to talk to people you trust, so tell your friends and family how you’re feeling. Or ask your GP to refer you for counselling or other talking therapy.

There are many products that can help you manage urinary incontinence in aTena pants discreet manner such as disposable and washable pads, pants and bedsheets.  Do take a look at our Incontinence UK website to see our full range of products available or alternatively call us on 0800 068 3625 for confidential and discreet advice.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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Organised by The Urology Foundation, this month aims to raise awareness of urological disease as well as raise money to fund vital research and training into these diseases.

It is estimated that 1 in 2 of us will be affected by a urology condition in our lifetime. Our urology health is vital to our quality of life. But diseases and cancers of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and the male reproductive system are becoming more prevalent and devastating the lives of millions of men, women and children in the UK.

Through-out the month the Urology Foundation focuses on raising awareness to breakdown stigma and encourages people to actively take care of their urology health. They do this by working with local communities and businesses to promote urology health, through health and wellbeing talks and providing information.

You can get involved this year by helping raise awareness of urology health in your place of work or local community. Or join in the Big5 challenge and help raise money to research urology cancers.

If you suffer from incontinence then do visit our Incontinence UK website for all products that help:

Disposable Incontinence Insert Pads are a hygienic and convenient way to manage incontinence conditions. Incontinence UK supplies three core ranges of incontinence pads:

  • Discreet/Mini Incontinence Insert Pads – suitable for light incontinence
  • Small Shaped Incontinence Pads – ergonomically designed for greater protection.
  • Large Shaped Incontinence Pads for the highest level of protection from pads.

Incontinence UK also sells a range of washable and re-usable incontinence pants that looks and feels just like everyday underwear but provides the additional security of and extra absorbent built in incontinence pad offering comfort and discreet support for mild incontinence conditions.


Avoid damage to expensive furnishing by using incontinence products designed for all bed and chair sizes. Choose from disposable or washable products including waterproof duvet covers, waterproof bed sheets, waterproof bed pads and mattress protectors.

Visit our website to see our full range of incontinence products that we have on offer.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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Alongside the wide range of incontinence products that we sell; we also offer a great selection of incontinence accessories that can also help.   From wipes, gloves to skincare range we have it all. It’s worth sitting down and making a complete list of what products can help make life easier when dealing with incontinence either as someone dealing with the condition directly or as a carer.

Some of our best-selling accessories include:

Moist Patient WipesMoist wipes

These gentle, pleasantly fragranced moist wipes are ideal when quick cleansing is required. They lift soiling quickly and easily. Dermatologically tested.  Price:  £3.99 per pack of 24 wipes.

TENA 3 in 1 Skincare Range

TENA Wash Mousse, Wash Cream and Wet Wipes are the perfect replacement for soap and water in addition to skin conditioning products.  Price:  £14.97 (Save £5 when buying all three products together).

TENA U-test

TENA U-test is a new way to test for urine infections in a simple and quick way allowing comfort and dignity for individuals and reducing the workload for carers. Price:  £19.99 for pack of 2.


Male and female urinals with a 1 litre capacity.   Comes with a lid to prevent spillage.    Price:  £5.99


Incontinence aid that is medically designed for women, to combat stress incontinence. Worn internally, its shape supports the bladder, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.  Price:  £28.99

Sangenic Easiseal Pad Disposal Unit

This bin is the most convenient way to dispose of incontinence products. The system individually wraps and seals each incontinence pad in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film locking away germs and odours in a hygienic way.  Price:  £34.99

Please visit our website for our full range of incontinence products that we have available or alternatively call us on 0800 068 3625 for confidential and discreet advice.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK

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Bowel and bladder weakness affects around one in four people during their lives – and the condition can affect men and women of any age.

The NHS estimates that up to 6 million   people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence. Studies suggest that “major faecal incontinence” affects 1.4% of the population over 40 years old and constipation affects between 3% and 15% of the population.

More than 10 per cent of men aged 65 and over have urinary and bowel incontinence to some degree, however this group are the most likely not to talk about the problem.

Below are some of the common causes of incontinence:

  • Increase pressure on the stomach – including being overweight
  • Damage to the bladder which could be caused by surgery including prostate surgery
  • Certain medications
  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the two main types of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Diabetes and multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia disease – incontinence
  • Constipation – faecal incontinence
  • Cystitis – constant urge to urinate
  • Disc Disorders
  • Female genital disorders
  • Heart failure – night urination
  • Kidney stones – urinary urgency
  • Paralysis – loss of bladder control
  • Pregnancy – bladder incontinence
  • Prostate conditions – night urination
  • Sports Injuries – bladder incontinence

If you feel that you may suffer from incontinence we recommend you first see your GP for advice as some conditions can be treated and managed. We also recommend that you visit our Incontinence UK website for offers on incontinence products – we have incontinence pads, pants, products for bed and chair and even swimwear products!

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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If you’re a man dealing with urinary incontinence it is not fun so we recommend that initially you should see a doctor to get the right treatment and to check that nothing too serious is wrong.  Normally urine incontinence (unintentional loss of urine) is due to weak or damaged bladder muscles, certain prostrate conditions or nerve damage.   However there are some things you can do on your own to help manage your symptoms.

Try bladder training. Some men can train themselves to control their urinary incontinence. Here’s one approach: Start taking scheduled toilet breaks whether you have to go or not. Over time, you can extend the times between trips to the toilet. With some conscious effort, you may be able to tame your symptoms and only have to urinate every 3 or 4 hours. Keep in mind you may not see immediate results from bladder training. But if you stay with it, you should benefit within a few months.

Flex your muscles. Some men think of pelvic floor exercises as a woman’s thing. But men can also help strengthen their muscles around the bladder. You’ll have to make sure you’re flexing the right muscle. Exercising the wrong ones could increase the pressure on your bladder. The muscles you would use to stop yourself from passing gas are the ones to focus on.  Tighten your muscles and hold for 3 seconds and then relax for three seconds – try it is a few times in a row.  When your muscles get stronger try doing them on a regularly basis while sitting, standing or walking.

If you are suffering with urinary incontinence and would like some products to help manage your symptoms; then do take a look at some of our incontinence products designed specifically for men.

Depend Men Lycra Pants Super

Smooth, soft Lycra pull up pants designed specifically for a man’s body and will make you feel that you are wearing every day underwear. For the active man.  Available in sizes Small – X Large.


Age UK Maxi Absorb Men Discreet Shaped Incontinence Pads

Discreet shaped incontinence pads that fit into your own underwear – designed specifically for the active man.   Hold up to 650ml of liquid.



Drytex Male Washable Incontinence Pants

Washable incontinence male pants with a built in pad. Look and feel like normal underwear. Absorbency up to 300ml.

Please visit our Incontinence UK website for our full range of men’s incontinence products.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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We just wanted to let you know about some of our incontinence products that we current have on special offer!   

Do take a look at our special offer area online to see our full list of incontinence offers and SAVE £££s off your next order.

MoliMed for Men Incontinence Pads – Protect

MULTI-PACK OFFER! This unique V-shaped item is ideal for men with slight urinary incontinence. It is designed to be used and inserted within your own normal underwear.  Buy 6 packs and get £3 OFF!

Kylie Lady Washable Incontinence Pants

MULTI PACK DISCOUNT! Soft and comfortable washable pants that have been fashionably styled to look like normal underwear with a built in pad. Unique waterproof leak guard protection (350ml). Choice of Black or white.  BUY 7 PAIRS AND GET £10 OFF! 

Kylie Male Washable Incontinence Pants

MULTI PACK DISCOUNT! Classic style Y fronts which look and feel like normal underwear but come with a built in incontinence pad. Unique waterproof leak guard protection (350ml). Black or White.  BUY 7 PAIRS AND GET £10 OFF!

TENA Pants Maxi Pull Up Incontinence Pants

CASE SAVER OFFER!  TENA Pants Maxi are 30% more absorbent – these pull up pants and can be worn like normal underwear.   For heavy to severe incontinence.   BUY a case of 4 packs and SAVE £2!


Brolly Sheets Incontinence Washable Bed Sheet

SPECIAL OFFER!  Luxury washable bed sheets for incontinence protection. 100% cotton top mattress protectors. Waterproof, yet breathable PUL backing which is soft & quiet.  SAVE £5.00!

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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