Next Monday the 29th May is World Digestive Health Day (WDHD which starts a worldwide public health campaign that focuses upon a particular digestive disorder in order to increase general public awareness of prevention, prevalence, diagnosis, management and treatment.

This year World Digestive Health Day Campaign is titled “Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Navigating Evolving Therapies in an Evolving Disease“.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a group of idiopathic chronic inflammatory intestinal conditions. The two main disease categories are Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), which have both overlapping and distinct clinical and pathological features.

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or bowel incontinence we have a huge range of incontinence products available from:

Incontinence Disposable All in One Briefs are an ideal support for carers who need to ensure high degrees of absorbency and containment but need incontinence products that are easy to put on and take off with minimal disruption to the user, who of course may be quite immobile.



Disposable incontinence insert pads can be thrown away after usage, meaning that hygiene and convenience are great benefits. It is very easy to carry disposable incontinence products with you and change them as and when is needed.



Incontinence Disposable Pull-Up Pants offer a higher degree of security than incontinence pads. Although these incontinence pants appear more expensive than using incontinence pads you can reduce cost by buying in bulk through our special multi case offers plus users report that they are less prone to leaks.



Incontinence Products for Beds

To most people the horror of a crinkly hot plastic sheet on the bed is the necessary but unpleasant reality of incontinence conditions. However you may be surprised at the quality of new incontinence products that provide excellent protection, are breathable, soft and absorbent and come in a wide variety of types.

Please visit our Incontinence UK website for our full range of incontinence products.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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If you are struggling with incontinence and have bladder weakness at night don’t worry as we have put together this useful guide to help you retrain your bladder and ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Some drinks can irritate your bladder – Avoid drinking things which irritate the lining of the bladder such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee, especially the high caffeine, sugar and carbonated energy drinks. Water is best.
  2. Retrain your bladder and be the boss again - Holding off going to the toilet and increasing the time between bathroom trips can eventually strengthen the bladder and increase its capacity.
  3. Is stress getting to you? Find ways to relax and reducing the stress in your life will have benefits all round not just on your bladder.
  4. Be aware of infections – a urinary infection can also lead to bladder weakness at night and can cause pain or a burning sensation when urinating.  If symptoms continue then visit your doctor for medication.
  5. Late night drinking – It’s important to drink that’s true, but be aware of how much you drink in the last two hours before you go to bed.  Don’t cut down on your fluid intake, just distribute it more evenly throughout the day.

At Incontinence UK we realise that both men and women with bladder weakness may have different needs during the day than at night. Our night incontinence pads range is specifically designed to provide the right support to keep you dry all night.

Night Shaped (Soffisof Shaped) Incontinence Pads

These night shaped incontinence insert pads are for heavy to severe incontinence and are widely recommended by healthcare professionals, including the NHS. The anatomic shape ensures comfort and standing cuffs prevent leakage. Price £12.99

Lille Supreme Form Large Shaped Incontinence Pads (Unisex)

These Lille Supreme Form Large Shaped Incontinence Pads are for moderate to severe incontinence problems.   Durable, discreet with non-rustle polyethylene backing.  Price from £8.99


TENA Slip Ultima:  Unisex All in One Incontinence Briefs

TENA Slip Ultima offers the highest and maximum protection of the TENA Slip All in One Incontinence briefs – 10% more absorbent than TENA Slip Maxi. The slightly longer product core secures faster acquisition speed and enhanced urine retention, reducing the risk of leakages for those who require higher absorbencies – suitable for severe incontinence and night time use.   Price £18.99

We have many incontinence products available suitable for both day and night including a range of disposable and washable incontinence bed products so please visit our website to order online or call us on 0800 068 3625 for more information.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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“Set to be the 21st Century’s biggest killer, dementia will affect us all. But we can beat it. Together”

This week is Dementia Awareness Week (14th – 20th May) and the Alzheimer’s Society are asking everybody to “Unite against Dementia.

Do you or somebody you know suffer from Dementia? Watch the video below from the Alzheimer’s Society and get in contact with them for help and support, ways to get involved with dementia awareness week and new research.







From many of our existing customer’s stories; we know people with dementia can experience difficulties with using the toilet and accidents and incontinence can be problems particularly as the condition progresses. At Incontinence UK we have everything that you need for dementia and incontinence.

Incontinence Pull Up Pants (Pull Up Adult Nappies) work just like normal underwear and are best suited for active people with moderate to heavy incontinence who are looking for more convenient and disposable incontinence products. 

Washable and Re-usable pants

If you have the facility to wash re-usable incontinence products then washable incontinence pants can work out to be a more cost effective option than disposable incontinence products.

We also stock insert incontinence pads, disposable all-in-one incontinence briefs, stretch pants, bed and chair incontinence products and incontinence swimwear.

Finally we know that dementia and incontinence problems can be upsetting for the person and the family around them.  Therefore if you need advice about incontinence products then do take a look at our website or you can call us in confidence on 0800 068 3625.

Beat Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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Save money and be more environmentally friendly with our range of washable incontinence pants.  If you struggle with light to moderate urinary incontinence,  then instead of using disposable incontinence pads; have you considered using a washable incontinence pant that looks and feels like your normal underwear but has a built in incontinence pad?

Here at Incontinence UK we stock a wide range of washable incontinence pants from the leading brands such as Kylie Lady, Kylie Male, Confitex, Martex and Drytex.   Our washable and re-usable incontinence pants looks and feels just like everyday underwear but provides the additional security of and extra absorbent built in incontinence pad offering comfort and discreet support for mild incontinence conditions.

If you have the facility to wash re-usable incontinence products (and they should be machine washed) then washable incontinence pants can work out to be a more cost effective option than disposable incontinence products.  Most washable incontinence pants can be machine washed up to around 200 times.

As with all incontinence products it is important to make a sensible estimate of how many you will need over a time period and always re-order in plenty of time so you don’t run out.  Also don’t forget with re-usable incontinence pants make sure you have enough to allow for drying in between washes.

Washable Incontinence Pants stocked by Incontinence UK include:

Kylie Lady Washable Incontinence Pants

Unique waterproof leak guard protection that prevents leakage and assures the wearer of a secure and confident fit.  They incorporate a special `one – way` liner, which soaks urine through to the highly absorbent outer layer.   Absorbency up to 350ml and available in black or white. Also available in Kylie Male versionPrice:  £15.99 (Multi Pack Discount – Buy 7 pairs and get £10 Off!)

Drytex Male Washable Incontinence Pants

Male washable incontinence pants with a built in pad. Look and feel like normal underwear. Absorbency up to 300ml. White only.  Also available in Drytex Female version.  Price £9.99


Martex Ladies Washable Full Incontinence Brief

Ladies washable full high waist brief with lace detail and integral incontinence absorbent pad (350ml).  White only.  Price £11.99


Male Senset Super Plus Absorbent Incontinence Briefs

These male briefs look and feel like conventional underwear. Guaranteed for up to 200 washes. Ideal for light to medium urinary incontinence (up to 350ml).  White only. Price £12.99

Confitex Ladies Full Incontinence Brief Lace

Fashionable full brief style with stylish lace trim on the pouch while the legs and waist are finished with a crocheted floral design – lower cut on legs and high waist.  Available in beige in size X Small – XXX Large.  Absorbency up to 200ml.  Price £24.95

Incontinence UK offers ones of the largest ranges of washable incontinence pants for ladies and men of any UK online incontinence products supplier. Register for our regular newsletter and get early notification of our latest offers.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team 

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Did you know that you can set up a regular auto delivery scheme so you don’t have to remember to order your incontinence products each month? Take the hassle out of placing monthly orders by setting up a regular auto delivery and we will do all the hard work for you.

We know that running out of incontinence products can be a concern, but holding lots of stock around the house can be a hassle. Also we understand you lead busy lives and ordering your regular incontinence products can be inconvenient or easy to forget. To get the best of both worlds we will happily set up a regular delivery (monthly or however frequently you like) direct to your home so you don’t run out.

To set up a regular auto delivery please email us on or call us on 0800 068 3625 and let us know your requirements and we will arrange this for you.

We will email you each time your order is dispatched to let you know that it is on its way and confirmation of payment taken. There is no minimum contract term and you can amend or cancel your order whenever you like.

Save Time and Moneywhen setting up a new regular auto delivery scheme you will get FREE postage and packaging (£5.95 saving) on your first order – please quote AUTODELIVERY to claim your free postage and packaging!

Don’t forget that Incontinence UK is your Number 1 one-stop shop for all your incontinence needs!

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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At Incontinence UK we sell to individuals but we also sell to the trade like care homes or specialist centres.

We source the widest range of incontinence products and brands and we are keen to work with Retirement Homes, Care Homes, Local Services or the NHS Services to supply incontinence products.  We would be delighted to quote on your requirements from single orders to auto regular weekly/monthly deliveries of incontinence products.

We offer:

  • Professional, discreet and personal service with experienced staff
  • Comprehensive wide range of incontinence products at competitive prices
  • Value for money
  • Top quality incontinence product brands such as TENA, Age UK, Lille Healthcare, Moli, Depends, BrollySheets, Senset, Kanga and Kylie
  • All products VAT free
  • Confidential & Discreet Freephone helplines open 7 days a week
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Incontinence Information & Advice
  • Prompt Delivery:  orders usually despatched within 24 – 48 hours
  • FREE Delivery on all UK orders over £100 (£5.95 P&P for orders under £100)
  • Regular Auto Deliveries Available:  set up a regular monthly delivery so you don’t forget and run out

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and value your enquiry so please do call us on 0800 068 3625 quoting “Trade Enquiry” or email us at and one of our team will be available to help you.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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Did you know that Incontinence UK; as well as supplying a wide range of disposable and washable incontinence products; we also offer through our sister company; Adaptawear; a range of adapted clothing specifically for incontinence sufferers?  Our incontinence clothing includes both nightwear and daywear and have been designed for incontinence sufferers to help with dressing and toileting.

NEW CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers

NEW adapted unisex trousers which are perfect if you or a loved one have difficulty dressing and suffer from incontinence. The CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers allows frontal opening from entire waist to both knees causing a faster and easier change of incontinence briefs for the carers while providing the patient more dignity, more comfort and confidence.  No need to undress or pull the trousers down.

Fitted with unique 3-zip fastening system: two sided zips from waist to knee and the strategically placed 3rd zip from inside one knee all the way up and down to the other inside knee creates access unlike any other trousers.

Available in granite grey in sizes Small – XX Large.  Price:  £39.95 ex VAT.

Other adapted clothing for incontinence sufferers:

Men’s Drop Front Trousers

With a drop front panel that opens to the hips, these trousers make both assisted and independent dressing and toileting quicker and easier. Price: £38.00 ex VAT

Ladies Open Back Trousers

These trousers look entirely normal but are far easier to put on than conventional trousers and are suitable for ladies in wheelchairs or who require hoisting. The 2 large flaps overlap to cover the lower back and tuck under the seat making changing and toileting easier and less stressful. Price: £30.00 ex VAT

Richmond Short Sleeve Wrap-Over Dress

Short-sleeve wrap over dress in variety of colours. Opens to the waist at the front giving plenty of room to put over the head while the back has an overlap from shoulder blades to hem.   Ideal for easy toileting, disabled or wheelchair customers. Price:  £15.00 ex VAT

Petal Back Open Back Nightie Short Sleeve

Pretty, open back short sleeve nightie – substantial overlap at the back for dignity and opens for easy dressing. Choice of 2 prints and sizes 8 – 22. Price £25.00 ex VAT

Please visit our website for our full range of clothing products designed for incontinence sufferers.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

P.S. Don’t forget about our range of Incontinence Swimwear too to help any unnecessary mishaps in the pool or sea this summer!

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Here at Incontinence UK we understand that regular and involuntary peeing during pregnancy can be annoying, and occasionally embarrassing, but it’s normal and (mostly) temporary. If the liquid is clear and odourless, there’s a slim chance you might be leaking amniotic fluid and we recommend that you call your doctor or nurse immediately.

During pregnancy, many women experience at least some degree of urinary incontinence.  The incontinence may be mild and infrequent for some pregnant women. But it can be more severe for others. Age and body mass index are risk factors for pregnancy incontinence, according to one study.


  • Do your Kegels! Try to work up to three sets of 30 Kegel exercises a day.
  • Keep your weight gain moderate, since extra pounds put extra pressure on your bladder during pregnancy.
  • Train your bladder to behave. Urinate every 30 minutes — before you have the urge, in other words — and then try to extend the time between pees each day.
  • Try to avoid constipation during pregnancy, so that your full bowels don’t put added pressure on your bladder.
  • Keep drinking at least eight glasses of fluids every day. (Cutting back on water to control the peeing only makes you vulnerable to dehydration and urinary tract infections.)
  • Avoid coffee, citrus, tomatoes, soft drinks, and alcohol — all of which can irritate your bladder and make it harder to control those leaks.
  • Incontinence pads can help absorb leaking urine (no tampons, please — they don’t block the flow of urine and they’re off-limits during pregnancy anyway).
  • As a last line of defence, do Kegels or cross your legs when you feel the need to cough or sneeze, or when you’re about to laugh or lift something heavy.

If you are pregnant and are suffer from mild incontinence; then please do visit our Incontinence UK website for all products relating to incontinence. We stock a huge variety of products from well-known brands including small disposable insert incontinence pads that can fit into your own underwear or washable incontinence pants with a built in pad.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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In case you were not aware; we have a really useful product in stock that can help you test for urine infections from the comfort of your own home. TENA U-test is an in-pad detection device for recognition of UTIs through the detection of nitrite and leukocytes in urine. The test is placed face down in a clean incontinence pad and removed at the next pad change. It is quick, non-intrusive and comfortable to wear. The results of the detection strip are colour coded to allow for easy interpretation of the results and the test comes with a sticker than advises carers of when a test is in progress, and the results card enables an accurate recording of results to pass onto clinicians.

TENA U-test comes in a pack of 2. Price £19.99


  • Quick and simple to use – results available in 15 minutes after urination.
  • In pad detection minimising intrusion and dignity for individuals and reducing workload for carers
  • Soft surface making it comfortable to wear
  • Colour coded results and results card for easy interpretation.
  • Results remain valid for 24 hours after urination so no need for immediate changing and removal.
  • Successfully evaluated in a clinical trial and is EU certified as an IVD





For other great products we stock including the full TENA range please visit our website.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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Incontinence UK  is constantly working towards adding new innovative and worthwhile products to our incontinence product range.   We are pleased to announce that we now stock the Confitex Range of Washable Incontinence Briefs that has been designed to look like real, fashionable underwear but have a discreet built in incontinence pad suitable to help with urinary incontinence (light to moderate incontinence).

The Confitex washable brief range is available in both men’s and ladies styles with a unique 3 layer technology.   Made from stretchable, comfortable fabric with Bamboo fibre – last three times longer than cotton and is kinder to your skin and helps regulate skin temperature to keep you fresh and comfortable.

All the Confitex Washable Incontinence Briefs are machine washable up to 200 washes.

Confitex Ladies Full Incontinence Brief Basic  

Fashionable full brief style with lace trim around the legs and waist – lower cut on legs and high waist.  Available in black in sizes Small – XXX Large.  Absorbency up to 350ml.

Confitex Ladies Full Incontinence Brief Lace

Fashionable full brief style with stylish lace trim on the pouch while the legs and waist are finished with a crocheted floral design – lower cut on legs and high waist.  Available in beige in size X Small – XXX Large.  Absorbency up to 200ml.

Confitex Men’s Basic Incontinence Briefs

Fashionable men’s basic brief long boxer short style – sits just below the waist to offer a comfortable fit and with a modern silhouette.   Elasticated waist with no fly.  Available in black in sizes Small – XXX Large.   Absorbency up to 350ml.

Please visit our website for the full Confitex range and for other well-known incontinence brands. If there is something you need which we don’t currently sell, please get in touch and let us know about it so we can add it to our range.

Best Wishes

Incontinence UK Team

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