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Claiming VAT Relief On Incontinence Products

We often get questions about if you can claim VAT relief when buying incontinence products so we put together this short blog below which will hopefully answer most of these questions.  If not please do call us on 0800 068 3625 for more advice.

Most customers are exempt from paying VAT on incontinence products due to the government’s tax allowances on medical related products.

All incontinence products such as incontinence pads and pants, bed pads and urinals qualify for VAT exemption automatically if ordering for personal and not business use.

Customers who are eligible for VAT exemption are:-

  • Personal or domestic use of an incontinent individual
  • Purchasing less than 200 disposable pads, 50 washable pads and 10 pairs of waterproof or leak-proof underwear

As most of our customers are VAT exempt we have already deducted the VAT from all items so the prices you see are what you pay.

If you order a quantity over a certain threshold you may be asked to complete a simple VAT exemption declaration to confirm the products are for personal and not business use.

When registering your account online with Incontinence UK you will need to complete the VAT self declaration information in accordance with HMRC rules.  Customers ordering via the telephone will be asked to self declare that they are VAT exempt.

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