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Moli Incontinence Pads from Paul Hartmann

Incontinence UK stocks a range of disposable insert pads from Paul Hartmann; a world class manufacturer of incontinence products whose aim is improve treatments, outcomes and healthcare experiences in both the professional sector and at home.

The Moli range of disposable insert pads that we stock include:

MoliNea Couche Rectangular PadsMoliNea Couche Rectangular Pads

These disposable MoliNea incontinence pads are rectangular insert pad and are ideal for slight urinary incontinence issues. Designed to be worn inside normal underwear and features an adhesive strip which holds them securely in place.  Available in three sizes in a pack of 56 pads.  Buy Now from £10.99

MoliMed Comfort Shaped PadsMoliMed Comfort Shaped Pads

These disposable MoliMed Comfort pads offer shaped insert pads for slight bladder weakness and are designed to wear inside normal underwear.   Available in three levels of absorbency: Mini, Midi and Maxi in a pack of 28 pads.  Buy Now from £7.99

MoliMed for Men PadsMoliMed for Men Pads

MULTI-PACK OFFER! These unique V-shaped item is ideal for men with slight urinary incontinence. It is designed to be used and inserted within your own normal underwear.  Pack of 14 pads.   Buy 6 packs and get £3 OFF!

MoliCare Premium Form PadsMoliCare Premium Form Pads

Unisex large shaped insert pads for moderate to severe incontinence.  Designed to be worn with fixation or stretch pants.  Available in six levels of absorbency in a pack of 28 pads.  Buy Now from £12.99

MoliPants Soft Fixation PantsMoliPants Soft Fixation Pants

Soft washable fixation pants that look and feel like normal underwear.  Designed to hold large Moli insert pads securely in place. Supplied in a pack of 25 pairs in sizes Small – XX Large.  Buy now from £23.99

Visit our website for our full range of Moil products from Paul Hartmann that we have available.

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