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Clothing For People Who Suffer From Incontinence

Incontinence is a common problem in women and men as aging occurs. The cause of the incontinence should always be explored because there may be a simple solution to the problem. Choose from our discreetly adapted incontinence clothing for women and men based upon the person’s ability to dress themselves. This will depend if the person dresses independently (self-dresser) or needs help to dress (assisted dressing).

CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers

CareZips offer specially designed trousers that allow adults suffering from incontinence to have their pants changed quickly, easily and with dignity. The zippers are specifically positioned in this patented design as to not create unwanted pressure points to the wearer should they be on their side. The CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers allows frontal opening from entire waist to both knees causing a faster and easier change of incontinence briefs for the carers while providing the patient more dignity, more comfort and confidence.

ladies open back nightieLadies Open-Back Nightie

Open backed night dresses and nightshirts have two flaps at the back which overlap. This can help with toileting as the flaps can be pulled aside before sitting down.

Men’s Side Opening Underwear

mens side opening nightwear

Designed for gents who have difficulty pulling underwear up and down. These side opening slip briefs are a great alternative to other available products. Particularly suitable for wheelchair users or gents who have poor lower limb mobility or hoist transfer. The briefs ability to open out flat, makes dressing easier for the wearer and also carers.

Richmond Long Sleeve Open Back Wrap Over DressRichmond Long Sleeve Open Back Wrap Over Dress

Long and short sleeved wrap over dress; suitable for everyday or special occasions, assisted toileting is quicker and easier

Please visit our website for the full range of incontinence clothing.

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