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Save Money & the Environment with Washable Incontinence Pants

Save money and be more environmentally friendly with our range of washable incontinence pants.  If you struggle with light to moderate urinary incontinence,  then instead of using disposable incontinence pads; have you considered using a washable incontinence pant that looks and feels like your normal underwear but has a built in incontinence pad?

Here at Incontinence UK we stock a wide range of washable incontinence pants from the leading brands such as Kylie Lady, Kylie Male, Confitex, Martex and Drytex.   Our washable and re-usable incontinence pants looks and feels just like everyday underwear but provides the additional security of and extra absorbent built in incontinence pad offering comfort and discreet support for mild incontinence conditions.

If you have the facility to wash re-usable incontinence products (and they should be machine washed) then washable incontinence pants can work out to be a more cost effective option than disposable incontinence products.  Most washable incontinence pants can be machine washed up to around 200 times.

As with all incontinence products it is important to make a sensible estimate of how many you will need over a time period and always re-order in plenty of time so you don’t run out.  Also don’t forget with re-usable incontinence pants make sure you have enough to allow for drying in between washes.

Washable Incontinence Pants stocked by Incontinence UK include:

Kylie Lady Washable Incontinence Pants

Unique waterproof leak guard protection that prevents leakage and assures the wearer of a secure and confident fit.  They incorporate a special `one – way` liner, which soaks urine through to the highly absorbent outer layer.   Absorbency up to 350ml and available in black or white. Also available in Kylie Male versionPrice:  £15.99 (Multi Pack Discount – Buy 7 pairs and get £10 Off!)

Drytex Male Washable Incontinence Pants

Male washable incontinence pants with a built in pad. Look and feel like normal underwear. Absorbency up to 300ml. White only.  Also available in Drytex Female version.  Price £9.99


Martex Ladies Washable Full Incontinence Brief

Ladies washable full high waist brief with lace detail and integral incontinence absorbent pad (350ml).  White only.  Price £11.99


Male Senset Super Plus Absorbent Incontinence Briefs

These male briefs look and feel like conventional underwear. Guaranteed for up to 200 washes. Ideal for light to medium urinary incontinence (up to 350ml).  White only. Price £12.99

Confitex Ladies Full Incontinence Brief Lace

Fashionable full brief style with stylish lace trim on the pouch while the legs and waist are finished with a crocheted floral design – lower cut on legs and high waist.  Available in beige in size X Small – XXX Large.  Absorbency up to 200ml.  Price £24.95

Incontinence UK offers ones of the largest ranges of washable incontinence pants for ladies and men of any UK online incontinence products supplier. Register for our regular newsletter and get early notification of our latest offers.

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